[Off Topic] Pizza Time

Major apologies!  I've been away too long; I've been doing a lot of writing for my day job, and, by the time I can turn to the blog in the evening (I've got to write "on my own time," after all), I'm all typed-out.  But I've got a bunch of posts coming, including some tips on how to communicate better with hostile elements when you're out on the fundraising trail.  Stay tuned for that (maybe by week's end?).

Also, I've been away because I've been working on my pizza technique.  We bought a used pizza oven for the backyard, and I'm working on building the perfect fire and tossing a nice New Haven-style pie! 


4 thoughts on “[Off Topic] Pizza Time

  1. Dude –
    We didn’t LITERALLY mean that the Lorax was your walkoff!
    When’s the pizza party?


  2. Awesome! And what a great looking vest.


  3. This is the best post, bar none!


  4. Wish I had the backyard to pull off the pizza oven. A good tip for pizza dough. Try high-gluten flour from King Arthur’s. Called Sir Lancelot — 3 lb bag online only. Nice crispy crust. Good luck with the technique.


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