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Why do this?
It’s an opportunity to give some insight into the tradecraft of LPs. I’m just trying to de-mystify the voodoo we do.

It could be a pre-meeting resource that could load discussions with context and make meetings more efficient.

I need some kind of outlet for all the random thoughts that rattle around in my brain.

I wanted to get more tech-savvy ahead of my move to the west coast (although I don’t think I’ll ever get around to podcasting or Twittering!)

and, most importantly, this could be fun!
OK, OK, on with the show:
Since late 2011, Chris has been a managing director with Venture Investment Associates, a Fund of Funds group that has committed about $1 billion to VC, growth capital, and buyout partnerships.
Previously, he co-managed a pool of private equity investments for TIFF, The Investment Fund for Foundations. At TIFF, Chris deployed over $1 billion in capital to buyout and VC firms and sat on the advisory boards of over a dozen investment groups.
Before TIFF, he did similar stuff on behalf of Princeton University’s Endowment despite having not one, but two degrees from Princeton’s bitter rival, Yale.
In younger days, Chris was a strategy consultant at Monitor Company. During his consulting tenure, Chris worked in the manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, and financial services sectors and spent at least one business day in each state east of the Mississippi River.