Where Might I Find This Magical Place?

Now, I'm usually focused on multiple-of-cash returns.  After all, you can't eat IRR, or so they tell me. (Actually, I think the hedgies have us PE cats whipped when it comes to glib phrases; how can you beat: "Miller Motorcars doesn't accept relative return as a form of payment."?) 
That said, if anyone can point me to the place from which this piece of recently-spotted equipment came, I'd be much obliged!  What they're sellin', I'm buyin'!

IRR photo

2 thoughts on “Where Might I Find This Magical Place?

  1. I’ve heard you can buy those at Madoff Securities. For your convenience, here is the address: 885 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022


  2. Thats somewhere on the Stanford campus – you could probably get it somewhere around Palo Alto


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